Ramirez v. State

The Supreme Court affirmed the trial court’s dismissal of Appellant’s pro se petition for writ of error coram nobis without a hearing. In the petition, Appellant claimed that he was coerced by trial counsel into pleading guilty to first-degree murder and aggravated assault and that the State’s evidence against him was insufficient to support the charges. The trial court concluded that Appellant failed to support his claim of coercion with a factual basis and that the petition was without merit. The Supreme Court affirmed, holding (1) Appellant’s allegations in the form of misrepresentations by counsel was the type of claim that should have been raised under Ark. R. Crim. P. 37 and not in coram nobis proceedings; and (2) Appellant’s final claim did not establish a ground for the writ. View "Ramirez v. State" on Justia Law

Posted in: Criminal Law

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