J-McDaniel Constr. Co. v. Dale E. Peters Plumbing Ltd.

Susan and David Conrad purchased a home constructed by J-McDaniel Construction Company (McDaniel) and later discovered defects in the home. The Conrads sued McDaniel. McDaniel filed a third-party complaint against three subcontractors (collectively, Appellees). The subcontractors then filed cross-claims against each other seeking contribution, indemnity and apportionment of fault. The Conrads settled their claims against McDaniel. The circuit court ultimately dismissed McDaniel’s third-party claims against Appellees. The Supreme Court reversed, holding that unresolved issues of fact remained regarding whether McDaniel had a right of indemnity against Appellees under the facts of this case. View "J-McDaniel Constr. Co. v. Dale E. Peters Plumbing Ltd." on Justia Law